Favorites while traveling

I am flying out in less than an hour to visit my uncles in San Francisco again. The weather has been less than cooperative for flying, so many flights are all jumbled together. While I wait at the airport, I've been downloading images of clothing and home products I would like. Thought I would share them with you folks.
by lamixx
First up, this angel wing/bat wing number. The dress looks very comfortable and if I'm shy about showing a little leg, leggings will go great with these.
by lilourapatrie
As I picked out new clothing items, I found myself gravitating towards off the shoulder necklines. I love the color of this top--especially that touch of red on the hem of the sleeve.
by lilourapatrie
Funky! LOVE LOVE the black and white diagonal stripes with the purple body of the dress.
by mbartstudios
There's just something about words on dishes that I am in love with. The whole collection of these little plates is perfect.
by vivalajewel
It's not often that I lust after a necklace. This style has been in for a while and I just keep going back to it.
by lamixx
Another off the shoulder number. Perfect weekend or to dress up for a night out. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these items as much as I did finding them. What else are people looking for this season?

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