birthday weekend

 Here we are, the happy couple at the end of the day in Boston. We drove in with Tater and walked around, ate, and had a drink to end the day.

beacon hill 
ryan, setting up his shot
It's nice to get out into a bigger city once in a while. Besides it being my birthday this week, I had a couple of other exciting things happen as well. A review about one of my tea towels went up on Lotus Be Barefoot. Brandi's blog includes other product reviews, as well as a bit about her life with her child. Check out her blog if you get the chance. Another was being featured in a beautiful treasury. I know, I know...treasuries happen a lot. This one really stuck out to me as a beautiful one, though. Perhaps I needed some brightness during the dark winter months? I loved the collection of items together and had to share it with you.

What a great collection! I also have a fourth bit of exciting news, but I will need to wait to share it! It will be hard to wait, but so worth it!

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