more baby booties

I made another pair of booties this week. I found this fabric when I purchased the fabric for the tree skirt and I just had to get some! I have a feeling that I will be making a few more pairs because it is just too cute. These little monsters will hopefully ward off those that typically live in closets. Safe, cute and warm. I have a couple other newer postings as well, including the Bianca scarf (a white version of the Brooklyn) and an upcycled polish star ornament.

Tater Tot has been a cuddlebug as of late. I think most of it has to do with the change in weather, but it could also be that she is at a point where she feels more comfortable with us. She has been snoozing in sleeping bags, on top of our coats, underneath the covers and anywhere she can get. I had extra fabric from the tree skirt and decided to make her a dog blanket. Now she is cuddled-up on the couch, wrapped in a sleeping bag and dog blanket. I need to take photos yet and when I do, I will post them.


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