Christmas Crafts

Yesterday, I had decided that I would make something new for my shop. Unfortunately, this is the day my sewing machine decided to jam and after a couple frustrating hours, I decided to leave it be. My next craft I tackled was much more successful.

I had been admiring these polish star/sea urchin ornaments for some time but could not quite justify the expense of buying one (let alone enough for my tree). I scoured the internet for directions to make my own. The first that I happened upon was from a Disney Fun site of which I could not make sense. I chalked it up to being a difficult craft. Then, I happened upon this YouTube video that explained it so well:

After watching this video, I successfully completed my first polish star ornament on Sunday.

After I had cut out 12 circles and cut 8 wedges out of each.

The stars after folding and gluing the segments around a pencil tip. 

Stacked up

Pulled tight into an ornament.
They seem fabulous! I now have two of them and hope to make a third tonight.

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