The weather here has been shifting between Spring and Summer quite regularly. I guess this makes it more like Spring in that it hasn't settled yet. During this time, Ryan has visited NYC to interview for a scholarship for law school. He will start in the fall and we have been talking how we will do this move together. So far, I am going to stay here, at least until the following Spring, so that I can continue my fabulous day job. We will visit each other, too. At least it is much closer than the 1,000+ miles that separated us while in Alaska.

We considered briefly adopting another beabull. We love Tater Tot so much and it has taken so much work to get her where she is now (behaviorally). We went to visit the male beabull at the shelter and quickly remembered how much work it was when we first got Tater. He is very sweet with lots of energy. We introduced Tater and this dog...and she wasn't so smitten. I saw now that he is adopted and I hope that he has found a good forever home to train him and give him lots of love.

 Ryan also joined rugby this spring. He hasn't been injured too badly and he enjoys having a new sport to play. Tater and I go to his games on the weekend and cheer him on.

I have been working on some more crafts as well and I look forward to posting more about them. I recently updated my blog look. Although it is busier, I enjoy that it no longer has standard fonts and a boring background. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

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