giveaway winner from Pussycat Vintage

 After winning my first giveaway, I seem to continue to win! Not everything, mind you, but now that I have won my third giveaway my excitement level has only increased. This giveaway was put on by Restless Hearts Yonder for Pussycat Vintage. I just started reading Nicole's blog and I have already fallen in love with her honesty about all that she does as well as her gorgeous dogs.
Aren't they sweet? I especially love the brindle and motion of the foot. So precious. To read an interview with Nicole, click here. Here are a few photos from her blog (all photos in this post are by Nicole and her family). Be sure to check out the rest of her blog!
I am so appreciative of being picked! I won a shop credit to her shop, Pussycat Vintage. I can choose from all the items in her are but a couple that caught my eye:
 If only my feet were a size 5.5!
Living vicariously through other people's tattoos.
Ok, and one more photo of her fur babies. I cannot help it!
Tomorrow my flight leaves for a vacation home. I need to pack my last minute necessities everything tonight and then I'll be on my way.

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