the off season

We are reaching the off-season for wedding photography. Not much happens in the winter and so I've been muddling around with various crafts. The first one was that I wanted to teach myself how to read a crochet pattern. I have made simple scarves for some time now and whenever I would try anything else on my own, it would not look at all like I would like it to. I didn't even photograph the toy container I made our dog because it was just too embarassing to post anywhere.

So, off to learn crochet patterns I went.

First, I found that Lion Brand yarn has free patterns on their website. Then, I discovered that some people had made YouTube videos following these patterns step-by-step and explaining as they went. The pattern and video I started with was for an amigurumi giraffe.

Not having yellow and brown, I decided that I would use two shades of green, since that seemed to be what I had the most of.

So far so good.

Once I got to the fourth video clip, I was able to read the pattern on my own and continue making the giraffe. I almost have the body finished and would post photos of my progress except that it looks phallic at this stage.

I am so excited that this giraffe is actually turning out according to the pattern! I look forward to making more amigurumi animals, including octopi and turtles.

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