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more halloween display

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 Rich's parents have quite a collection of Halloween decor. One weekend when I was over, I took a few shots to share with you all. Aren't these neat scenes?

What do you have up for Halloween/fall?

bay area vacation 2013: part 2

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 Some of the long awaited tiki photos...

 This is one of my favorite lamps there.

Welcome to the tiki bar. I hope you'll stay around for some more photos...

new scarf: nile blue

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I finished my large, fluffy scarf! I love this one...I think it's my favorite. The color combo is great and blue is my favorite there you go! It will keep you warm, as you can hide as much of your face from the wind as you wish and you can also tuck it under your chin. Check out the listing here.

halloween display

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 Have I mentioned yet how autumn is my favorite time of year? No? Well, it is. Now that I've been in a new place after 2.5 years, I have had new inspiration on what to do for decor. This is my main Halloween decor this year. It's a combination of DIY, vintage gifted cats, farmer's market sunflowers and gourds as well as skull tealight holders from Marshalls.
Since I painted the top of this table with chalkboard paint, I drew on it with a chalkboard paint pen. I cannot wait to use it each season/holiday! It's so much fun to draw/write things and wipe them away to start again.

How is your autumn/Halloween (or "Fall-oween") decor coming along?

what's new?

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Hi folks! I feel like I have had the announcement up in my shop forever that new things are coming. Well, they are finally here! I have added a couple more scarves to the shop and they are much different than I have ever put in. Well, one time in February I put one up for a friend to purchase, BUT, now, these are for anyone to purchase! I knitted them on my loom. I intend to have a few other color combinations up, plus a really fun, chunky, sweatery one. I cannot wait to share them soon. Here are oatmeal and barley colored infinity scarves so far. As you can see, they fit pretty close to my neck and they are double-knitted so they keep you extra warm.

facebook layout pleasantries

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Sometimes I am just happy with the way a layout turns out that I have no control over, such as photos in Facebook. Having just finished and listed two scarves, I decided to update my shop's photos to the page and out popped this nice lil layout. Way to go, FB! I approve.

*happy sigh* the fall

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And suddenly it's fall out there. 40s at night. The leaves change color on my way to work. Everything pumpkin is out for crafts and edible delicacies. I can wear sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets again--I'm loving it. Last weekend I enjoyed some time at the local farmer's market and bought these beautiful sunflowers. They have lasted so much longer than any other ones that I have bought--even Trader Joe's--and I couldn't be more delighted.

I'm looking forward to sharing much more with you all...about the summer and fall activities. I have a whole list of posts! See? Oh wait, you can't see them...just trust me that there is a list of ones that I will be writing from, which has nearly never happened for me. 

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